Josh Rabin: The Official Rabbi of Fantasy Football?

As many of you know, I love to play Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football, and participate in two leagues, one of which is made up of fellow members of the rabbinate.   Additionally, to properly prepare myself for these leagues, I listen every day to a podcast from ESPN called “The Fantasy Focus,” which is hosted by Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz.   While I primarily listen to this podcast for helpful analysis, Berry, Ravitz and other guests and contributors also integrate the podcast with amusing shtick.

This past week, the Fantasy Focus Podcast received any email about a pastor in California who used the podcast’s lingo in one his sermons, leading Berry and Ravitz to name Pastor John, “The Official Pastor of the 06010” (06010 refers to the zipcode for Bristol, Connecticut, the home of ESPN).   Seeing an opportunity, I wrote the podcast an email using their lingo asked what it would take for me to become “The Official Rabbi of the 06010,” and the show actually read my email the next day!   Berry and Ravitz debated the merits of my appointment, with Berry ultimately concluding that I should engage in a “Rabbi Off” with another rabbis who was apparently given the title several years back.

While this is all in good fun, I think it would be awesome to own the title of the “Official Rabbi” of Fantasy Football on ESPN, so please download and listen to the podcast, or even tweet Matthew Berry at MatthewBerryTMR telling him, “make Josh Rabin the official rabbi of the 06010.”   Joking aside, I think that this whole thing is great fun, so I’d love to get the support, even if it is only for comedy’s sake!

To listen to the podcast where I am mentioned, visit Fantasy Focus Football and listen to  the podcast from December 5, 2012.

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