I have been published by The Forward, MyJewishLearning, eJewishPhilanthropyThe Jewish Week, American Jewish World Service, The Times of Israel, and many other publications.  Below are links to articles I have written on Jewish prayer, education, social justice, and other topics.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  1. The Problem of Racism Lies With Me, eJewishPhilanthropy
  2. Clergy Guide to Domestic Abuse, Jewish Women International (JWI)
  3. Serving Interfaith Families: Realities and Opportunities, eJewishPhilanthropy
  4. For Jews, Racial Justice Requires Repentance, The Forward
  5. Shaping Intentionally Inviting Communities, eJewishPhilanthropy


  1. Shabbat, Status Anxiety, and Social Media, Thrive Global
  2. Camp and School- Context Matters, William Davidson School of Jewish Education
  3. I am a Teacher, I am a Text, RAVSAK’s HaYidion Magazine
  4. How To Love the Wicked Son, Jewish Federations of North America (Page 22)
  5. Judaism and the Rights of Children, Joint Distribution Committee
  6. No Trust, No Torah, RAVSAK’s Book Bag
  7. Teacher-as-Text, Encounters at Brandeis University
  8. A Beit Midrash for the Whole Community, eJewishPhilanthropy

Environment and Sustainability

  1. Caring for Creation- Judaism and the Environment, USY
  2. Bal Tashhit and Energy Efficiency, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies
  3. Climate Change: Few Are Guilty, All Are Responsible, People’s Climate March

Global Justice and International Development

  1. Lekh Lekha: Global Hunger Shabbat, Kehilat Hadar
  2. Hayyei Sarah: Death With Dignity, American Jewish World Service
  3. Vayetze: The Ladder of Integrity, American Jewish World Service
  4. Vayigash: Giving the Voiceless a Name, American Jewish World Service
  5. Vayakhel: Stirring Up the Heart, American Jewish World Service
  6. Bemidbar: Every Person Counts, American Jewish World Service
  7. Naso: The Blessings of Education, American Jewish World Service
  8. Shoftim: A Just Judiciary, American Jewish World Service
  9. Ki Tetze: iPhones and Workers’ Rights, American Jewish World Service

Leadership and Change Management

  1. “Winning” An Unfair Game, eJewishPhilanthropy
  2. But What If I’m Wrong?, eJewishPhilanthropy
  3. I Am Wrong (And By The Way, So Are You), The Times of Israel
  4. Do We Value Deep Work?, The Times of Israel
  5. See Judaism for the First Time, Atlanta Jewish Times
  6. Getting the Little Things Wrong, The Times of Israel
  7. Fools for Judaism, The Times of Israel
  8. Institutions Are Not Holy, The Times of Israel
  9. Community, Covenant, and Polarity Management, The Times of Israel
  10. Can We Fight Fairly?, The Times of Israel
  11. What Do You Do With An Idea?, eJewishPhilanthropy
  12. Organizational Mashups and Rethinking Millennial Engagement, eJewishPhilanthropy
  13. Who Will Build Our Idea Factory?, CJ Voices Online
  14. Moneyball Judaism- We’re Not Selling Jeans Here, eJewishPhilanthropy
  15. What’s the Cure for an Immunity to Change?, CJ Voices, eJewishPhilanthropy

Masorti/Conservative Judaism

  1. Snark is the Greatest Threat to Conservative Judaism, eJewishPhilanthropy
  2. Wait, Doesn’t Chabad Do That?, eJewishPhilanthropy
  3. The Infinite Game of Jewish Life, eJewishPhilanthropy
  4. For Conservative Judaism, Time to Dare Together, The Jewish Week
  5. How to Fix Conservative Judaism’s Brand Problem, The Forward
  6. The Optimistic Movement, Conservative Judaism Magazine
  7. Where Are Our Cheerleaders?, USCJ100 Blog
  8. Can the Conservative Movement Play Moneyball?, CJ VoiceS

Prayer and Spirituality

  1. Meaningful Tefillah in the Synagogue, Jewish Theological Seminary
  2. Physical Movement in Jewish Prayer, MyJewishLearning
  3. Bedtime Shema, MyJewishLearning
  4. Shacharit, Minhah and Maariv, MyJewishLearning
  5. Instruments on Shabbat and Holidays, MyJewishLearning
  6. A Kavannah After Hurricane Sandy, Schechter School of Long Island

Synagogue Transformation

  1. When Facts Don’t Matter, The Times of Israel
  2. Does Your Synagogue Care About People?, The Times of Israel
  3. The Blessing of Epic Failure, eJewishPhilanthropy
  4. Build Your Synagogue Out of Legos, Not Bricks, eJewishPhilanthropy
  5. Don’t Throw Away People, The Times of Israel
  6. Synagogues Are Not Helpless, eJewishPhilanthropy
  7. Who Saves the Synagogue?, The Times of Israel
  8. Why Synagogues Need a Checklist Manifesto, eJewishPhilanthropy
  9. Synagogues Are More Than Spreadsheets, The Times of Israel
  10. Can Synagogues Develop a Playbook to Survive Disruption?, eJewishPhilanthropy
  11. Will Your Synagogue be a Club or a Cause?, eJewishPhilanthropy
  12. What Job is the Synagogue Hired To Do?, eJewishPhilanthropy

Teen Engagement

  1. The Transformative Torah of Ordinary People, eJewishPhilanthropy
  2. How USY Killed Membership (And Why It Had It Coming), eJewishPhilanthropy
  3. No Experience Necessary: USY’s Epic Summer Pivot, eJewishPhilanthropy
  4. A Letter to a Heartbroken Teen, eJewishPhilanthropy
  5. How Nel Noddings Would Transform USY, eJewishPhilanthropy
  6. Listen to the Wicked Child, The Times of Israel
  7. A Bnai Mitzvah Birthright: Betting the House on Immersive Education, CJ Voices