Moneyball Judaism was founded in September 2022 to help Jewish leaders easily access information that helps them do their jobs better; no inside baseball, no self-promotion, and no charge.  The next stage of Moneyball Judaism’s growth includes the opportunity for both communities to dive deeply into the principles that are the core of this work, in either in-person or online training.  Core offerings include:

  1. Moneyball Judaism- “Winning” An Unfair Game: Foundational workshop,  or workshop series, on why Jewish organizations need to focus on using information as their most important asset, as opposed to money. Perfect for organizations that are struggling financially.
  2. The Most Expensive Mistakes Are Mental: Every organization worries about finances, but what ends up as financial disasters tend to begin as mental mistakes.    This is an introduction to the most well-known heuristics and mental biases that affect our work, and how they affect organizations.
  3. Who Is Your Saddleback Sam?: Does your organization really understand the person you are seeking to serve?   If the concept of who one seeks to serve is wrong, then everything else is wrong, too.   Walk into the world of design thinking to learn how to develop a single image to guide your strategy.

These workshops are available for groups or individuals in either a workshop format, coaching relationship, virtual or in-person training, or speaking engagements. Josh is trained in Immunity to Change to ground coaching relationships and in design thinking through the Luma Institute. Honoraria are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the institution.

Please email Josh at joshua.rabin@gmail.com for more information.