I have given Divrei Torah in a variety of different contexts, using a myriad of modalities and source material.  In particular, if you’d like to see the Divrei Torah I wrote over the past three years for the Schechter School of Long Island, you can read them by visiting Schechter Torah.  Please free to read any of the Divrei Torah below, think about what questions they evoke for you, and share your questions with someone else.

  1. Lekh Lekha: Global Hunger Shabbat, Kehilat Hadar
  2. Hayyei Sarah: Death With Dignity, American Jewish World Service
  3. Vayetze: The Ladder of Integrity, American Jewish World Service
  4. Toledot: Have You Not a Blessing for Me Too?, Jewish Theological Seminary
  5. Vayigash: Giving the Voiceless a Name, American Jewish World Service
  6. Vayekhi: The Resilient People, Schechter School of Long Island
  7. Vayakhel: Stirring Up the Heart, American Jewish World Service
  8. Akharei Mot: Marshmallows and Holiness, Schechter School of Long Island
  9. Akharei Mot/Kedoshim: Holiness Through Restraint, Jewish Theological Seminary
  10. Bemidbar: Every Person Counts, American Jewish World Service
  11. Korakh: Your Authority Is An Illusion, Jewish Theological Seminary
  12. Naso: Qualities that Shine, Schechter School of Long Island
  13. Naso: The Blessings of Education, American Jewish World Service
  14. Shoftim: A Just Judiciary, American Jewish World Service
  15. Ki Tetze: iPhones and Workers’ Rights, American Jewish World Service
  1. Rosh HaShanah: Seeing the World for the First Time, Beth Israel Congregation
  2. Yom Kippur: How Do We Learn to Forgive?, Beth Israel Congregation
  3. Pesah 2013: A Night of Endless Learning, Schechter School of Long Island
  4. Pesah 2014: Learning Never Stops, Schechter School of Long Island
  5. Tisha B’Av: Hope Amidst Despair, Agudas Achim Congregation
  6. Shabbat, Status Anxiety, and Social Media, Thrive Global

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