About Josh

Rabbi Joshua Rabin is a rabbi and experienced non-profit executive and educator with over ten years of experience making game-changing impacts in leadership development, education, fundraising, and innovation.  Currently, Rabbi Josh serves as the rabbi of the Astoria Center of Israel and the Jewish Studies Faculty at the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School.

Most recently, Josh is the founder of Moneyball Judaism, a free weekly newsletter that provides Jewish leaders with easy-to-digest explanations of trends in behavioral economics, social psychology, decision sciences, and organizational development.   Moneyball Judaism currently has over 1,500 weekly readers, including 36 CEOs of Major Jewish Organizations and a former White House Chief of Staff.

Background and Education

Josh spent the previous eight years at USCJ, most recently serving as the Senior Director of USY. During that time, Josh directed a department with 40 employees and an $8 million budget, while setting records in fundraising.   Prior to leading USY, Josh served as the Senior Director of Synagogue Leadership. During that time, he built the organization’s work around Diversity Equity, and Inclusion for synagogues,  and served as the program director for the USCJ Convention, the largest gathering of Conservative Jews in the world.

Josh received his rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2011 and completed executive education at institutions including Harvard Business School, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, and the Disney Institute.   Josh is a recipient of the Wexner Field Fellowship, the Ruskay Fellowship for Jewish Professional Leadership, and the Crown Family Rabbinic Fellowship.

Personal Life

Josh loves training for his next triathlon, coaching his son’s little league team, reading three books at one time, debating the candidates on Top Chef, continuing his campaign to be the official rabbi of Fantasy Football, and playing his guitar.  Most importantly, Josh is married to his best friend, Rabbi Yael Hammerman, and they are the parents of Hannah, Shai, and Ella.

You can read Josh’s updated resume by clicking on this link.

4 thoughts on “About Josh

  1. Josh,
    When I saw you today, instead of telling the story of your grandfathers smoking habit, I should’ve shared with you a wonderful true story about your dad’s menschlichkeit: your dad was the head of the committee to negotiate my renewal contract. I don’t remember the details, but there was something that had been promised to me verbally, which at a subsequent meeting, some members of the committee sought to renege on. Your father said, “as long as I am chair of this committee, we will honor our verbal, as well as our written commitments.” And whatever that commitment had been, it stayed. Your father is a Mench.
    But of course, you already know that.
    Great re-connecting with you.

    Cantor Elias Roochvarg

    1. Cantor Roochvarg

      Thank you so much for sharing that story. That was beautiful, and I was honored to share it with my father. Mazal Tov on your retirement.

      Kol Tuv,

  2. Hi! My name is Assata Cisse. I am a senior in college. I am doing a research project on pastors or religious leaders on their view on the LGBT community. I have some questions. Please email back as soon as possible!

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