“I can’t say enough good things about Josh Rabin and his work…He’s kind, generous, thoughtful, and strategic…if you have the chance to work with him, you should take it.”
-Jodi Bromberg, CEO- 18Doors

“Josh thinks deeply both about innovation and the Jewish community and is able to bring these two sometimes oppositional forces into deep conversation with one another…I have witnessed first-hand how Josh can be spontaneous and eloquent in bringing deep ideas to all different levels within a diverse audience.”
-Dr. David Bryfman, CEO- The Jewish Education Project

“So full of enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy to implement all he had learned, Josh displayed an unusual maturity and wisdom that typically does not appear until several years into one’s career…I will remain ever-enriched and blessed by the experience of being Rabbi Rabin’s direct supervisor in his first position out of Rabbinical School.”
-Dr. Cindy Dolgin, Past Head of School- Schechter School of Long Island

“Rabbi Rabin is a thoughtful educator, a dynamic speaker, and a visionary leader when thinking about the future of the Jewish community and its institutions. Josh combines his experiences…with a unique blend of humor and humility that makes him a pleasure to work with…”
-Rabbi Jeni Friedman, CEO- Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

“Joshua is a bold and visionary leader who is committed to creating vibrant Jewish communities. He is caring, professional, and hard-working. Josh is a feminist, committed to amplifying and highlighting the voices and ideas of his female colleagues.”
-Rachel Gildiner, Chief Engagement Officer, Hillel International

“Joshua is a fantastic professional, extremely high-level on strategy and vision, as well as execution. He is also a deep thinker, well-read, and a fun person – a rare combination!”
Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, CEO- Hadar

“Few people in the world bring as much passion for the work of Jewish community building as Josh Rabin. As a result, he approaches his work with genuine interest, enthusiasm, kindness, and earnestness. His genuine love for the work is palpable, and it is contagious.”
Shuli Karkowsky, CEO- Moving Traditions

“Josh is a bold and visionary partner in working for a vibrant, inclusive Jewish community…From the start, I was impressed with Josh’s strategic insights, persistence, ability to build consensus, and success in achieving meaningful results.”
-Idit Klein, Executive Director- Keshet

“I have now worked with Josh in a couple of different contexts and know him to be a smart, thoughtful, caring, and exceedingly talented leader. He brings exactly the kind of voice and vision the Jewish community needs.”
-Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, National Council of Jewish Women

“[Josh] is an excellent partner–creative, super responsive, and conscientious, with an ability to cultivate long-term relationships with colleagues and program constituents. Josh is admirably committed to his work and his teams He is a warm and inspired teacher and an ally who lifts up marginalized voices and communities through his sensitive leadership.”
-Justin Rosen Smolen, Director- Jewish Emergent Network

“Josh brings his 100% to every interaction and doesn’t miss the opportunity to…look for opportunities to build bridges and test his own thinking…I was impressed by how open he was to the feedback and to understanding my unique perspective. We need more leaders like him in the field.”
-Elana Wien, Executive Director- Safety Respect Equity (SRE) Coalition

Each of the recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn Page.  I try to keep my resume regularly updated, but if you are interested in knowing about my current work, please contact me at

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