Don’t Forget About the Jewish Present

As we approach Purim, leaders need to think about their vision of the Jewish future as informed by the Jewish past.  But to the extent that we can, all of us must remember the Jews of the present, who need us right here and right now.  Yesterday, The Times of Israel published an essay I wrote about what it means for leaders to care about the Jewish present.  You can read the article by clicking on this link.

Wait, Doesn’t Chabad Do That?

I am an unapologetic Chabad fanboy.   In 2019, this hardly makes me unique. Ask any Jewish leader about effective tactics for engaging the under-engaged and little time will pass before the conversation turns to the ways in which Chabad is the most ubiquitous Jewish presence in the world.   Yesterday, eJewishPhilanthropy published an article I wrote on how every congregation can embrace the approach Chabad made famous.   You can read the article by clicking on this link.