Give the Voiceless a Name

Sometimes, the first step towards fighting a terrible act of injustice or oppression is giving that act a name.   Right now, the Burmese government hopes that by banishing the word ‘Rohingya’ from their nation’s vocabulary, Burmese society and the rest of the world will somehow ignore the systematic oppression and degradation of the Rohingya Muslims. While there is much we can do to  stop another genocide from happening on our watch, the first thing we need to do is to encourage our leaders to say ‘Rohingya,’ and give the voiceless a voice at this critical time.   This week, I published my latest Dvar Tzedek for American Jewish World Service, where I analyze Judah’s willingness to speak up for Benjamin in light of the hesitation or some world leaders to speak up for the Rohingya. You can read my Dvar Torah by clicking on this link.  Please feel free to write me with any comments or questions.